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I love these tongue-in-cheek comments!  However, as we all know, the
difference between true Southerners and true Northerners is simply in

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The Civil War is only over to us northerners. There are plenty in 
South who are still fighting it again.
I imagine the whole exchange has been amusing to the non-US folks. To 
whom we are *all* Yankees, no matter how many syllables we put in 


>Although I'm not sure what all this WAHOOOO I LIVE IN TEXAS or WAHOOOO 
>I LIVE IN "THE SOUTH" is all about (I really need to stop mass deleting

>emails), I really liked this one.  Before all the 
>Texans/Texians/Texicans/Rebs hop all over Ms. Stegall, keep in mind 
>that thumping one's chest about how great a region/state is sounds 
>great to those who live there but gets old quite quickly to "us 
>northerners/yankies/etc...".  The whole "yankies" thing always did 
>astound me since it implies lasting unrest over the civil war (which 
>the south, by the way, lost).  Time to drop that one. I'll hold off on 
>saying how wonderful "the north" is or on the experience I have had 
>with "the south" since I have no desire to start the Civil War II. One 
>nation/indivisible sounds good to me.
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>Sounds good to me.  I've lived in Texas, and we should let them have 
>their independence, or return to Mexico, or whatever else the Texans, 
>Texians, or Texicans want to do.  The place is too flat (except for the

>rattlesnake infested mountains in the south), and too prone to 
>  I can't stand local football fanatics, and cheerleaders, well, yuk.
>I'm a Yankee who hasn't lived in the northeast since 1976, but I still
>speak understandable english.  There is no "r" in wash, and crouch is a
>position, not a location.  Enough, I'm starting to rant (again).  St
>Louis isalright, but I'd rather be in the Tetons.
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