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I mailed a collegue at the University who has lots of experience with metals, one John Denton. 
He replies thus  
"Staining for lead in tissues is somewhat old 
hat as the technique has been superseded by electron microprobe , 
laser ablation plasma coupled mass spectrometry and other beam 
techniques that allow ultra localisation with spatial distribution. We 
use both of these techniques for other metals but I have to beg the 
instrument time from others. 
It is many, many years since I stained for lead and have forgot 
anything useful. "
Which may or may not be helpful

Best wishes
David Edmondson
Christie Hosp
Manchester UK

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Chuck Churukian has asked me to post the following for him.

Does anyone out there have experience with Lead staining?  Currently he is
working with the sodium rhodizonate method.  Are there other methods that
anyone would recommend?  Also, control blocks seem to be hard to come by,
any sources or suggestions.

Thank you all in advance for your input.

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