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From:"Jackie M O'Connor"

I don't get the reference to Chicago -   I live 50 NW of Chicago, but we 
still say we're from Chicago. 
What did I miss?

"Bonner, Janet" 
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There was a message yesterday, but I honestly believe it was in jest. 
Unless you live in Chicago, IL, there isn't anywhere to "walk" out of!! -

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Did I miss something?  Who said they were going to walk out?  From what
I have read they are going to boycott not renewing their ASCP stickers.
Did I miss a message?


>>>  03/31/05 12:56 PM >>>
Wow, I must be living in a bubble in the Sacramento area.   I
don't feel victimized or taken advantage of in this profession.   Is it
just that 
I've been lucky for the past 11 years to experience  respect as a
 I, for one, would NOT join a national  walk-out for that reason.   It's

belief in patient care, the science  and the art that I love so much
histology.  I know doctors in this  area respect their techs.
Deborah King, HT(ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Sacramento, CA
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