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From:"Rittman, Barry R"

I am trying to get some information from y'all regarding work loads.


In the past couple of years we have seen numerous discussions on
Histonet re number of blocks and numbers of  histotechs preparing these.

What have often been missing are other factors such as....

Are there any laboratory attendants?

Who does the grossing?

What record keeping is necessary?

What administrative support is available, e.g. who send out the mailing
containers etc.?

What proportions of the total numbers require decalcification other than
for small bone biopsies?

How is tissue processed, type of machine (old Technicon, versus newer
VIP as an example)?

How is tissue stained, by this I refer to manual versus machine.?

If machine staining,  are there separate machines for routine stains,
special stains and IHC?

Is this lab also responsible for preparing slides for research



This is of course not really a survey and I do not expect direct
responses for this.

What I would very much appreciate is if anyone can direct me to any
documented resources that deal with this.


My next question will be simpler and will deal with "The meaning of





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