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Hello Heather,

I am behind in my histonet reading but saw your question about reprocessing.  I agree, one should expect specimens to be grossed in the correct thickness.  Alas, often this does not happen.  I wrote an article in the Histo-logic in 2003 which compares reprocessing by the method of putting the block (with the paraffin melted away) through a purge cycle on the processor versus a technic which we used at Sacred Heart Medical Center for a number of years, which is less harsh and just as simple.  Much simpler than reprocessing by hand too.

One melts the block down and blots off the excess paraffin and then starts the block off on the next nights run in formalin.  The rationale being that the tissue in the block which is infiltrated with paraffin will be protected from over-dehydration. The paraffin will disolve out in Xylene and then the whole block will be reinfiltrated with paraffin. In practice the cytological detail is excellent and the cutting properties are also excellent.

Try this and see if it works for you.

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