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From:Gayle Callis


The only mouse histology book I know of that has color photos is 
Histological Atlas of the Laboratory Mouse, Gude, Cosgrove and 
Hirsch.  1982,  ISBN 0-306-40686-1, and probably long out of print (and 
should be returned to the fold!)  The photos are marginal at times (low 
power) or not the best quality,  but it is better than nothing at all.

There is another atlas, A colour atlas of Anatomy of Small Laboratory 
Animals, Volume 2: rat, Mouse Hamster Popesko, Rajtova and Horak from 
SaundersISBN 0 7020 2703 0, Reprint 2002.  This is pricey and will NOT have 
photos for what you are looking for - everything is in diagram form and 
more for locating organs, structures, etc.

There are websites with some photographs but you have to do some searching 
on line.

Otherwise, there really is not much out there in terms of this species nor 
even a rat.

Good luck on finding the first book.

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