[Histonet] Question about lipid quantitation in either frozen sections/paraffin blocks


Dear All,
I have some fatty liver tissue samples. They are already embedded in 
paraffin and OCT. They show some nice staining by Oil Red O. However, I 
want to quantitate the lipid in these tissue samples. I came across a 
paper- J.Histochem & Cytochem. 1988. Vol36, pp 1471-1474. However it uses 
fresh tissue blocks to quantitate fat by extraction and staining with 
Sudan IV and Fast Green.
Can anybody let me know, how I can extract fat from either the 
paraffin/OCT embedded frozen blocks and quantitate fat 
spectophotometrically? I appreciate your help. Regards.

Raj Kalkeri, PhD
Infectious Diseases Biology

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