[Histonet] Numbering slides


I am always amazed when I take the time to read this. There are so many
great ideas out there. I do not understand why intelligent people still
forward all the mail  with a reply. I just want to add .5 cents to the
"writing on the slides"  issue". We put the number on the edge of the west
side. If the north is the top . On a clean counter top, wearing gloves,
take them out just as they are packaged in the box, push them back ,
exposing the edges and write away, a box of 75 or so is numbered quickly.
Then push the last one back towards the front and return to box. Works for
all of us. The additional letters and numbers go below this. They are easy
to read without a mirror.

S Hargrove
Wichita Falls, Texas

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