[Histonet] ASCP whine. Please pass the cheese

From:"Joe Nocito"

you might want to hit the delete button on this one. I'm prepared to get
flamed and have my registries revoked, but I have to get something off my
	As some of you may know, ASCP is now in charge of handling the
Pathologists' Assistant exam, of which I am partaking in. Not only did they
raise the exam fee from $150 to $450, we now have to know ICD-9 codes, not
to mention Robbin's Pathology book (which is heavy enough to break a vase. I
know this because it fell out of my hand the other night and shattered a
vase.) Have you seen the ICD-9 book? Rather extension reading if I do say so
	Moving on, after January 2008, one has to be a graduate of an accredited
program. Well, that's just dandy because we in the South do not have any
programs to attend because they are all up North or on the East Coast. Are
we going to have to repeat the 1860's again? Are we in the South going to
have to resort to revolting and have demonstration marches? Do I sense some
discrimination here? Am I too sensitive? (I think not)
	It took us two years here just to get a Histology program up and going at
the local community college. How long is it going to take to start a
master's level program?
	There, I've said my piece. thank you for letting me get thing off my chest.
Oh yeah, I'm collecting money to replace the vase I broke. Until then, I'll
be sleeping with my dogs. Which is okay, but the fleas are killing me.
	One other thing, I like Swiss, Muenster, Colby, Cheddar (sharp).
	as always, the opinion of this author does not reflect the opinions of the
employees, their children, mothers, lawyers, etc, etc, etc.

Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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