Re: [Histonet] The Use of Placenta in the Understanding of Perinatal Injury

From:Jennifer MacDonald

     A=  t  the  hospital that I worked at we kept all placentas for one
     week. =  We  purchased  a large refrigerator, like in a convenience
     store,  and  divi=  ded  the  shelves  into days of the week.  When
     Monday  rolled around th= e placentas from the previous Monday were
     disposed of.  The refriger= ator was kept in the Labor and Delivery
     area.   If  there  were  any  que=  stions days after the birth the
     placenta  was  available  for testing.  = We still did histology on
     the abnormals, multiple births or any with quest= ions.
     Am looking f= or information on collection, fixation and storage of
     Is  anyo=  ne out there doing pathology on all placentas from there
     If=  so,  what  are you doing for storage. Do you freeze any tissue
     for possible<= BR>in-situ studies?
     thanks in advance

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