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From:Gayle Callis

We do a decalcification endpoint test to know when the calcium is removed 
from any large bones, however a Jamshidi needle biopsy may require only a 
few hours with an acid decalcifier.

There is a chemical test one can do - simple and cheap.  An exact time for 
decalcification really can't be given, but if you let bone sit in acids 
(formic or hydrochloric)  too long, then you will damage tissue, cells, and 
stainabitily, and in particular immunostaining. this is often referred to 
as overdecalcification but a better term is overexposure to acid.  That is 
why endpoint testing is used - to control decalcification.

At 11:24 AM 3/11/2005, you wrote:
>Thank you all for the information that you gave me on the decal, now my 
>next question is how long to you let bone cores, bones from the joints, 
>and other bone items sit for decal???
>Jesus Ellin
>Yuma Regional Medical Center
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