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We have recently aquired a laser capture microdissection system and have 
been embedding our tissue in OCT, capturing tissue for RT-PCR without much 
problem (although we are still quite new to this!). We just make sure that 
all our instruments that we use to take, embed and section the biopsy has 
been sterilized and washed in RNAse Away. Also we make sure that we embed 
as quickly as possible and store our blocs at -80deg. Our tissue is 
sectioned at -35 (we are working with skin) and sections are kept cold 
(store in -80) until use (we clean the cryostat out inbetween each bloc). 
We have an extremely fast staining protocol (I was surprised by how little 
time immuno could take!) that we adapted from Lindeman N et al. 
(Diagnostic Molecular pathology 2002 11(4):187-192) and we use a kit 
(picopure) for our RNA. So far we have had good results and it didn't take 
much time to set the procedures up. We have had good technical assistence 
from the LCM manufaturer (Arcturus) though. Check out the Arcturus web 
site if you need more technical info.

Good luck

> Dear All,
> I am currently using OCT as an embedding medium for fresh frozen tissue. 
> Ideally i need to cut sections from this embedded tissue, laser dissect 
> specific areas of interest and extract high quality RNA from the lasered 
> tissue for subsequent RT-PCR and microarray analysis. Does anyone know 
> if OCT medium degrades RNA?...if so can RNase inhibitors be added to 
> such solutions?
> Also does the actual embedding procedure itself comprise RNA 
> integrity?...does anyone have a good protocol for this techniwque and 
> subsequent good quality RNA extraction?
> Regards
> Rebecca
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