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We have used Dako's  M0701, clones (2B11 + PD7/26) on B5 fixed material for
lo' these many years with NO trouble.
It's even mentioned on the product data sheet.
HIER is not required! However, you should treat B5-fixed material with the
iodine/hypo sequence to remove mercury fixation pigments(even if you don't
see them).
Dilution=1:100 incubate 60 min @ RT.


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I have been pretreating the slides with Dako's Target Retrival
Solution pH 6.1 in a steamer for 20 minutes.  The slides do not get treated
to remove mercury pigment.  I've gotten two replies recommending a different
clone (2B11/PD7/26) from Dako.  I don't think they were posted to everyone.
Thanks for the help.


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    Iım almost positive Iıve had this antibody work on B5 fixed tissues,
mainly bone marrows. What type of antigen retrieval are you using? This
could make a difference. Are you doing any type of treatment to remove the
precipitated mercuric chloride? This can lead to false negatives with some
Iıve routinely used a citrate based heat pretreatment. This recovers the
antigen nicely and removes the mercuric chloride(in most cases).
Hope this helps.

Patti Loykasek
PhenoPath Laboratories
Seattle, WA>

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