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From:Kelly D Mcqueeney

Try the Roche website, it's pretty informative
click on *research*
then *printed materials*
then *non-radioactive In Situ Hybridization
Application Manual. *They give a nice description of the experiment, 
reagents, and WHY you use them. *

For IHC, try *Current Protocols in Immunology. *
* wrote:

>Hello all,
>I am looking for any books/information regarding basic (very basic) theories
>and explanations for ISH and IHC.  We do ISH in our lab and know the
>technique, but not the theory, so I'm trying to find information on these
>subjects.  I've looked at, but most of the books seem way beyond
>"basic."  What we are looking for is something that can give us at least
>"beginners" information.  I spoke to our Ventana rep. and suggested that
>Ventana should put on regional workshops. (are you reading this Ventana?)
>With so many histology labs using this technology it would be helpful to
>have background.  Its easy to slap some slides on a machine, put the
>dispensers on, click start and walk we need to know the how and
>why we do this.  Any information/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
>Julie Sanders, BA, HT(ASCP)
>Supervisor, Anatomic Pathology
>VA Medical Center
>3200 Vine St. ML113
>Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
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