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From:Luis Chiriboga

I think everyone here has made some excellent points and I have been
following this thread with great interest. I have been in this field for 18+
years and I think it is safe to say that those of us who have remained in
this field for more than just a few years, so because we enjoy what
we do. Above all else, if your not happy with what you do, "job",
"profession", "career" all the money and respect in the world will not make
you happy. I tell people (residents, attending, students) I enjoy what I do
very much,  so much that you don't have to pay me to do it (they barely do

That being said, I think that a couple of "take home messages" from this
thread are extremely important. First, no one, except histologist, can
change the way this discipline is viewed by the rest of the scientific
community. That community is built upon science and that is the language
that we need to speak in. Second, it is up to the experienced people (I
count myself as one) to pass to the Megan's of the world the challenges that
we all know exist in this discipline.  Be they political or scientific. Most
importantly, there still are many fundamental scientific questions that need
to be answered in histology. Education is the basis for answering these

The histology field is in a precarious position, these are not easy times we
face and the tasks ahead are challenging, but as is often the case "the
greater the difficulty.....the greater the reward"


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Then Megan, organise meetings, seminars and workshops yourself. It's very
easy to become demotivated and expect someone else to get you out of the
doldrums. Self motivation is a trait not found too often nowadays I find,
but then I'm just old.

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If I were to go back to college for 4 years my goal would be more lofty
to remain a histotech.  I think there are a lot of people who do this
because it pays well and it doesn't take to long to learn.  If you start
requirements like college credits, people will be less likely to take
in histotechnology as a career.  They just started these  requirements, but
need for histotechs is starting to slow.  I've heard  from older techs that
the ASCP has been back and forth on their pre-reqs many  times depending on
surplus or deficit of techs.  I do, however, think  that there is nothing
wrong with the continuing education.  I only wish  that there were more
interesting seminars or the like to go to.  I went and  got my first credit
(having only been registered since December) and it  was on basic fixation.

Nothing that I didn't already know...

Just a few thoughts,
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