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From:Kemlo Rogerson

If I remember, from the dim distant past, you could alter the angle for
different types of tissue; but I can't remember why.

Don't knives with narrower profiles have to be at a shallower angle to
prevent 'chatters' or is that the 'old' type knives that I bear the scars
from on my fingers? Used to sharpen them with wooden sticks and diamond
paste; you slipped now and again, but A&E were very helpful in sewing bits
back on, except for the end of my thumb.

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I like 10 degrees, it always works for me.
Good luck,

Hernan Aldana Marcos wrote:

>What is the best cutting angle on the microtome for paraffins sectioning
using disposable blades. I have a Microm microtome that shows 0 to 17
variable angle in the blade holder.
>Thanks in advance
>Dr. Hernán J. Aldana Marcos
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