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Do bugs grow at minus 20?

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 Why disinfect the cryostat?  Let the durn thing disinfect itself.  IF you
have this requirement, you may want a self disinfecting cryostat.  See the

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Subject: [Histonet] RE: disinfection of cryostat

Does anyone have protocol for disinfection of a Reichert Jung cryostat that
would meet CAP requirements for disinfection and not involve removing the
microtome from the unit.  We would like to use our Reichert daily but it is
too involved to disinfect it weekly (bringing the unit to room temp,
removing the microtome etc...)   I like the Shandons method using
formaldehyde but do not know if I could get away with just wiping the
insides out with formaldehyde or not?   Please offer any advise you think
may help....

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