RE: [Histonet] Pathology assistants programs

From:Patricia Bourne

The more years I live  it  always amazes me how we humans  feel the need to separate ourselves from one another.  Pathologist, Pathologist Assistant, Histotechnologist, Histotechician, Lab Assistant, Secretary, Enviromental Engineer etc.does it really matter?  Without each other we could not function so in some ways we are all assistants to each other.  We are a team.  Over these past 30 years, I have known the good, the bad, and the ugly under each title so your title has nothing to do with your abilities.  The pay differential should be enough for those who feel the need to separate but it should stop at the bank.  
We are all in this together.  We all have a job to complete.  We all should be willing to extend a helping hand to one another and treat each other with the respect which everyone deserves no matter what the title.  So let's  just put the titles away and get the job done without all this nonsense.

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