RE: [Histonet] I use the Fisher Microprobe Staining system

From:"Christine Tambasco"

   I love the Fisher Microprobe System, it is simple and easy for a small
   lab  to  get good consistent staining. It's reasonably priced too, and
   you save money in reagents. I  hope this helps- Good Luck!

   Christine Tambasco HT (ASCP)

   St. Mary's Hospital

   Amsterdam, New York 12070
   >From: Kelly D Mcqueeney 
   >Subject: [Histonet] Anyone use the Fisher Microprobe Staining system?
   >Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:06:29 -0500
   >Hi Histonetters,
   >Has anyone used the Fisher Microprobe Staining system? Do you have
   >any problems? We are interested in a very simple staining system for
   >only one 60-minute incubation in hot ligand. I have used the Thermo
   >Sequenza but we are having technical issues, plus loading the slides
   >is a pain. We do not work with more than 20 slides at a time (and
   >using radioligand, clean-up is an issue). I would appreciate no
   >response from reps concerning complex, automated systems, we have
   >already determined they are not right for us.
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