NSH and CEU's other than taking workshops Re: [Histonet] ASCP

From:Gayle Callis

Go to NSH website (www.NSH.org and check out education 
opportunities.  State societies and NSH regions closer to people provide 
CEU workshops.  NSH will have an online Continuing Education course 
starting in May, 2005. and I foresee this as a very   popular route to 
obtain/update CEU's.

Also, teleconferences in your part of the US - I would think a hospital 
could let you participate in one even if you were not working f -  you 
would have to pay the fees of course.  There are also teleconferences out 
of Texas.

Not sure about continuing education loans, but NSH may have information on 
application for these.  Take a look at list of schools of histotechnology - 
maybe they have ways to update CEU's for those working or taking leave for 
a time but close to where you live.

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