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From:Gayle Callis

The mounting media we purchase contains toluene.   It is compatible with 
xylene substitutes, Clearite 3 and Propar and is commonly found as the 
solvent for MANY mountants.   Just check the MSDS provided by companies 
before buying the media.  If she is sensitive to xylene, be aware that some 
xylene substitutes are sensitizing, limonene (orange juice smelling stuff) 
has also been a problem.

Hopefully your technician is wearing nitrile gloves, changes these 
frequently, and works at proper distance inside a hood during 
coverslipping, and stripping off gloves inside the hood. Mounting 
coverslips inside a downdraft hood which pulls solvent fumes down rather 
than up (towards) the face is a handy device.   If the hood has a filter 
rather than vented to outside, be sure your filters are changed out 
correctly when saturated.

Years ago, I saw one person so allergic to xylene almost pass out when 
exposed to these fumes drifting via poor venting from an exhibition room 
into a lecture room.  A near disaster since he was the workshop 
lecturer.  Vendors, thankfully,  no longer exhibit with solvents in the 

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