[Histonet] Reprocessing?


  I have read several emails where people talk about reprocessing. I went to
histology school in 98 and graduated in Dec.99 and I was taught there is no
such thing as reprocessing. This procedure only hardens the tissue more and
makes it more difficult to cut. I have had the pathologists here cut some
chunks of fat, and than wonder why they do not receive a good section and
want to know if the tissue can be reprocessed and I tell them "NO". I
slapped a nickel on the grossing bench and have told each pathologists that
the sections can not be thicker than a nickel. If one can't take the time to
gross in decent thin sections, than to me it's garbage in and garbage out
and not to expect me to perform some miracle to get a good section. So do a
lot of techs perform reprocessing? I'm curious at this procedure because I
was taught that this doesn't work the majority of the time and I have even
tried it a few times and to me it made matters worst.


Heather A. Harper

Supervisor of Histology/Morgue

Naval Hospital of Pensacola, FL

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