[Histonet] RE: IgG negative control sources for all species

From:Gayle Callis


Jackson ImmunoReasearch.

They have all species IgG's even Golden syrian hamster, but NOT Armenian 
hamster, you have to do to BD Pharmingen for latter.

They go a long way as they are very concentrated, and you can get them 
conjugated to biotin (a favorite for our for biotinylated primary control), 
FITC, and so on.  Not terribly expensive as they go a longgggg way since 
their concentrations are always around 10 mg/ml or more.   Also Jackson's 
shipping will not kill your budget, very reseasonable.

Another source is Rockland Immunologicals, you can purchase these through 
VWR, shipping is free if you have any term contract with them.

, At 02:36 PM 3/16/2005, you wrote:
>What is a good company to get IgG for negative controls? I need rabbit,
>mouse and goat. The places I've checked so far have been so different as
>far as quantity and price. And many don't have goat or only offer is in
>tiny amounts. We do mostly rabbit and mouse primaries, but a lot of our
>harder to find antibodies end up being goat.
>Renee' Till

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