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  I had written last week in regards to the sudden work change of me having
to learn how to gross. I'm going to go ahead and learn but I need an
opinion. I have 30 days to learn how to gross. Presently, the pathologist is
training a cyto tech to gross. She got trained last week and this week is
flying solo and she is very unsure of what she is doing and I have been
telling her what she has to do. She already lost 2 cxbx on a case. I also
observed this same type of training with my military co-worker. Trained one
week, flying solo the next and that particular pathologist isn't always in
his office. So she would have to de-glove and pick up the phone and call a
pathologist. If you were in my situation, tell me in your opinion what 30
days of training would entail because maybe I'm expecting too much. I
believe for those 30 days, the pathologist should be standing in the
background, watching, listening and observing, no matter how fast you caught
on to grossing and be there for any questions. I start training April 1st
and would just like to know what the histo world would expect. Thanks in
advance for any opinions.


Heather A. Harper          

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