[Histonet] Advanced Biomedical Scientists[Scanned]

From:"Kemlo Rogerson"

I have recently become involved in a project whose remit is to look at
advancing the skills of the Biomedical Scientist in Cellular Pathology. I am
completing a critical path process for work passing through a Histology
Department to determine bottlenecks and those processes presently carried
out by Medical Staff that could be devolved to BMS's; obviously Biomedical
Scientists can assist their medical colleagues in a number of areas such as
in the 'cut up', reading of ICC and the triage of 'special procedures'.


I would be grateful for colleagues' thoughts as to how we may develop
Biomedical Scientists to enhance their roles and what these roles exactly
are. I am anxious that this is a constructive exercise that will result in
the equal delivery of the service nationally and will enhance Biomedical
Scientists jobs without stepping on anyone's toes.  

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