[Histonet] Adipose tissue

From:Margaret Blount

Hi Histonetters,

Like Dorothy Webb, I too would like to receive advice about a good process
for adipose tissue. In my case, I need good sections of adipose tissue
itself. My process isn't too bad but I would like to improve it as I get
breaks in some the cell boundaries and would like to ensure the best
possible preparation. I am particularly interested in what clearing agents
are recommended and if anyone has a preference as to which make of wax they
like. I have to say that I am not keen on using xylene as clearing agent
since it seems to harden some of my other tissues too much. I would like to
use the same reagents for all my samples, even if I have to use different
timings for different batches of processing, I can set up to 10 programmes
on my processor (Leica TP1020, 12 stations, all with vacuum, ambient
temperature except for the wax stations of course.)

Thanks a lot.


Margaret Blount
Chief Technician
Clinical Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Addenbrooke's Hospital
Hills Road
CB2 2QR 

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