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Here's a useful recipe/technique for cytological material. The immuno results are very good, plus you have the bonus of being able to keep any residual material for a longer period.

RECIPE for PEG/IMS fixative 

3% Polyethylene glycol in 50% Industrial methylated spirit (IMS) {=99% ethanol}.


1. Spin cells down 
2. Perform blood lysis (if required) with Ammonium chloride solution 
3. Re-suspend in PEG/IMS fixative 
4. Leave to fix for 2 hours
5. Make cytospins 
6. Air dry completely 
7. Place in 95% I.M.S. for at least 10 minutes to remove PEG 
8. Immunostain 
 Any left over material can be stored in the PEG/IMS fixative for prolonged periods of time. 

Hope this is of some help

Nick Kirk


Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Angela McNabola  wrote:

Hi all,

I soliciting protocols that any of you may be willing to share on how to make
slides suitable for IHC using FNA's. I am looking for how to best make slide
smears (I guess!). Clinical sites will be collecting samples from patients and
sending the slides to my lab for staining/evaluation.

We are fairly new to this, even new to processing human samples, so any help you
can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, keep in mind that we
potentially may be receiving samples from all over the world, so the easier the
better since we will be asking seeral sites to do it all the same way

thanks in advance!

Bayer Healthcare
400 Morgan Lane
West Haven, CT 06516

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