Re: [Histonet] h pylori and h hepaticus

From:"Richard Cartun"

I use DakoCytomation's polyclonal antibody (B0471) for H. pylori
identification in formalin-fixed human tissue.  It works very well.  It
does cross-react with H. heilmannii; I don't have experience with other
types of Helicobacter.  I have also noticed weak cross-reactions with
non-Helicobacter organisms from time to time.  I have also used
Novocastra's monoclonal Campylobacter jejuni antibody to label H.
pylori.  It works very well and does not cross-react with
non-Campylobacter/Helicobacter organisms.

Richard Cartun

>>> Kathleen Cormier  03/26/04 01:34PM >>>
Hey Gang,

I just thought that I would throw this question out there, what
source/ antibody is everyone currently using for H pylori? Any one
IHC for h hepaticus? We work w/ FFPE mouse parts, and were wondering
was being currently being used out there in the wild wild world of 


Kathy Cormier
Div Comp Med MIT

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