Re: [Histonet] another cytology question

From:Kim Merriam

Statspin makes a small cytospin machine (can only do 4 samples at a time), but it is cheap (under 2K).  It is in the Fisher catalog.
Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA

Bonnie Whitaker  wrote:
Hi All,

The new laboratory that we will be opening soon (hopefully), is anticipating
about 20-30 cytospins/month. I have quotes on a demo unit Cytospin IV and a
refurbished Cytospin III. The IV was quoted to us at around $5300 and the
refurbished III at around $4000. For our low volume, do any of you have
strong feelings one way or the other? I don't have any idea how much goes
wrong with the Cytospins, and I don't know the difference between a III and
a IV at all.


Bonnie Whitaker

Lab Manager

Brown & Associates Medical Laboratories

8076 El Rio

Houston, Texas 77054


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