Re: [Histonet] Storing Tissue

From:Amy Janes

> How long was the storage?

Less than a week

> Did you store sections or the tissue block?

tissue block imbedded in OCT and wrapped in foil.

> Is this fixed or fresh frozen tissue?


> Have you done each label by itself to see the results?

Yes. I ran the labeling on Brain cut at 30microns and olfactory Bulb cut
at 20 microns and labeled them free floating.
The fos has lots of background and little to know fos staining.

The retrograde label stains in the correct area and the background is
fine. There are no individual cells (I should see distinict cell body
staining) but just a smear of staining.

> they look? How does your known positive control look?

I havent run a positive control with this group. I have run positive
controls on other sections using the same procedure and didnt think it was


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