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From:Gayle Callis

How did you remove plastic?  Neil Hand recommends warm (can be up to 60C)
xylene X 3 changes, and how thin are your sections?  He removed MMA from 3
um sections.  One can even use methylmethacrylate monomer to remove
polymerized MMA, but this requires some careful handling, and then removal
of the monomer with several changes of absolute ethanol.  You do not want
to breathe monomer fumes at any time nor get it on you. 

At 06:31 AM 3/24/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>hello histonetters
>i embedded some samples (thin tissue on titane in MMA resin (MMA,
butylmethacrylate, methylbenzoate, PEG400, and N,N toluidine)
>i already done this, and i could deplastizise sections for immunostainnig,
but for these last samples i dont understand why it doesnt totaly
deplastizise, the protocol was the same, and i embedded them myself
>does anyone have any idea on what could avoid deplastization of MMA ?
>thank you very much in advance
>myriam baali
>natural implant
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