Re: [Histonet] Immunostainers

From:Dana Settembre

Hello Therersa,
I have a Dako and am very happy with it.  I am sure that you've gone
through the demos so you already know how easy it is to use.  So I'll
tell you about their great technical services dept.  Whenever I have any
questions, they are fantastic.  That dept alone is a reason to lean
towards the Dako.  If you haven't gone through the demo, call them.
We purchased one about 8 years ago and then as our volume increased and
we saw the need for another, Dako suggested that we look into their,
"Reagent Acquisition" plan.  We were purchasing enough of their reagents
on a monthly basis, that we were able to get a second virtually for

Also, please know that you are NOT required to use their products
either.  The Dako autostainer can use any reagents from any company.

Hope this helps.

Dana Settembre
Immunohistochemistry Lab
University Hospital - UMDNJ-
Newark, NJ

>>> Therersa Stegall  3/16/2004 10:45:04 AM >>>
We're about to purchase an immunostainer for our lab.  We've sort of
narrowed the choices down between the Ventana and Dako autostainer
models.  Since both companies are competetive for pricing to us, we
would like to hear any feedback good/bad/otherwise about these
from folks using them.  Any comments/advice you can offer will be
appreciated.  Peace, Terre

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