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From:"Bryan Llewellyn"

It is in Lillie's book as the Goodpasture-Perrin method for influenza
organisms, encephalitozoa and toxoplasmata (Arch. Path. 36:568, 1943)

Carbol aniline fuchsin:
    Basic fuchsin 0.59 g
    30% alcohol 100 mL
    Analine 1 mL
    Phenol 1 g

Fix in Zenker or Orth, or formalin fix and post chrome with 2.5% potassium
dichromate for 2 days.  Process in paraffin and section as usual.

1.  Bring sections to water with xylene and ethanol.
2.  If Zenker fixed, remove mercury pigment.
3.  Place in carbol ailine fuchsin for 5 minutes at 70C, or steaming on a
hot plate.
4. Rinse quickly with tap water.
5. Decolourise with strong formalin (40%) a few drops at a time until no
more colour is removed (15-20 minutes)
6. Rinse with tap water.
7. Counterstain with saturated aqueous picric acid for 1 minute.
8. Dehydrate with ethanol, clear with xylene and mount with Clarite (or
something similar).

    Encephalitozoa - blue black
    Toxoplasma chromatin - brown red
    Influenza bacilli - blue
    Nuclei - light red
    Cytoplasm - pink yellow
    Erythrocytes - bright yellow

Bryan Llewellyn

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Subject: [Histonet] Goodpasture's carbol fuchsin stain

> Greetings!
> I have a researcher who is requesting a Goodpasture's carbol fuchsin stain
> on rabbit kidneys to stain protoza. (encephalitozoon cuniculi or the old
> old name renal nosematosis). My research indicates giemsa and gram would
> acceptable as well, but, I can find no reference for the Goodpasture's
> carbol fuchsin. I have exhausted histonet archives and my histo books
> Can anyone point me in the direction of a procedure for the Goodpasture's?
> Thanks!!!
> Kathy
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