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Another possibility is make the antibody from cell line clone (ATCC). The
supernate can be used for staining, undiluted, and can contain around 10
ug/ml of antibody. We do this frequently with antibodies we use in large

At 07:41 PM 3/27/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Our lab has used Pharmingen's CD31 antibody (cat# 01951A/D) with great 
>results for a couple years for paraffin-embedded mouse tissue IHC. 
>Recently, they decided to "sublet" the production of this antibody to a 
>company called Cymbus, which sells the antibody at 1/10th the original 
>protein concentration. We've called Pharmingen regarding this, and they 
>staunchly maintain that there is no difference between their antibody 
>and the Cymbus rendition.

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