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From:"Patsy Ruegg"

Actually we used to get our best iron stains on smears since processing can
leach out iron in the tissue.  Perhaps a shorter fixation in methanol would
help, alcohol can also leach out the hemosiderin.

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Subject: [Histonet] iron stain on bone marrow

Thanks again to everybody who gave me the information about this stain!
Here comes another question: I couldn't see much iron on my slide, only
about 2~3 spots per rat bone marrow slide. I fixed them in Methanol for 15
min, then in freshly mixed stain solution(equal part of 20% HCl and 10%
potassium ferrocyanide) for 30 min in 50-60C. Then counterstain in Safranin
after wash. Then wash, air dry then mount.

I was told there should be much more iron. I feel bad now. Could any body
give me advice or could I ask if it's possible due to the bone marrow
preparation  since we indeed saw some spots. I didn't prepare the sample.

Thanks and look forward to hear from you there!


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