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From:"Nader, Alexander"

> Bill,

> This is a completely new one to me, and I'm sure we would all 
> like to here a fuller story.
> (See what you've done now - let yourself in for it :-) )
>> For 3D objects CCD scanners are much better than the cheaper CMOS 
>> scanners, for depth of field reasons. There are a number out there, 
>< but you have to look at the specs. I use UMAX Powerlook IIIs.
>> Bill Blank
>> (Celtic studies and numismatics)
>> http://www.druidry/org

Dear Terry, dear Bill, 

one of the answers is already given on the homepage of Bill: the differences
between the three scanners (UMAX) are striking and really very interesting,
not only for numismatics but also forsimple minded pathologists. I remember
a similar article about depth of fields in a German journal for computers
(c't) a couple of years ago. 

Maybe this article is also interesting to you too.

Alexander Nader MD
Vienna, Austria

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