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From:"DiCarlo, Margaret"

Fred Underwood told me to about using 5% titebond.(made from Titebond II
wood glue that you buy in a hardwood store)- I use it for all my bone slides
and the sections stay on 98% of the time during H&E staining. 

Using acid cleaned slides, I use a disposable pipette and drop a few drops
on my slide and spread it with a kimwipe and air dry a few seconds before
picking up section from the waterbath.

Why not just use superfrost plus charged slides?

Peggy DiCarlo HT(ASCP)

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Good morning all,

I have received some old paraffin sections from another country.  They do
not appear to have been treated in anyway.  I plan on doing some immunos
that involve HIER on these sections.  Is there anything other than celloidin
that I can use to insure these specimens remain on the slides during

Thanks in advance,
Mayo Clinic Research Histology

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