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I too am staining placenta for IHC and it has lots of problems.  There is a
tremendous amount of red cells, hemosiderin, etc. and so it is difficult to
quench all of the endogenous peroxidase.  If you are using a biotin
detection system you could have real trouble with endogenous biotin as well.
I use a labelled polymer detection to get around that.  I also block with
serum free protein before the primary antibody and then again before the
secondary.  If I still have problems I use serum block (serum from the
animal species the secondary is made in) again before primary and before
secondary.  It might be better to use alk. phos. or aec as a chromogen
because like melanin in skin the general tissue background is brown so for
better contrast some other chromogen besides DAB might be more appealing.

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We are using placental tissue for immunohistochemistry, and have some
problems about background staining especially with serum remnants in the
vessels. Does anybody have ideas about this problem. If you inform us we'd
be greatly appreciate...

Nejat Yilmaz PhD
Mersin University Medical School

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