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Good Grief! Tell your researcher to come join us in the twenty-first century.
I got the following from Kolmer & Boerner's Approved Laboratory Technic,
published in 1941
Goodpasture's Stain
Place prepared sections in the following stain for 10 to 30 minutes
Alcohol.............100 c.c.
Basic fuchsin.....0.59 gr.
Aniline oil..........1.00 c.c.
Phenol..............1.00 gm.
Wash in water
Place in 40% formalin for a few seconds (bright red color fades to clear rose)
Wash in water
Counterstain in saturated water solution of picric acid for 3-5 minutes (until
section assumes a purplish-yellow color)
Wash in water
Differentiate in 95% alcohol (red appears and some red and some picric acid is
washed out)
Wash in water
Stain in Sterling's gentian violet for 5 or more minutes 
gentian violet ......................5 gm.
Alcohol (95%)....................10 c.c.
Grind in a mortar and add
Aniline oil ...........................2 c.c.
Water (distilled) .................88 c.c.
Let stand 1 or 2 days and filter
Wash in water
Place in Gram's iodine solution for 5 minutes
Blot dry
Place in aniline oil/xylene (equal parts) until no more color comes away
Place in xylene and mount
Gram-negative organisms stain red; Gram positive organisms stain blue; tissues
stain in shades of red to purple.
   That ought to give your Safety Officer a nervous breakdown!!
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Great idea, I thought so too, until I remembered that the reference 
specifically stated "carbol fuchsin...

At 02:59 PM 3/24/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you think they meant the MacCallum-Goodpasture stain?
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>I have a researcher who is requesting a Goodpasture's carbol fuchsin
>on rabbit kidneys to stain protoza. (encephalitozoon cuniculi or the old
>old name renal nosematosis). My research indicates giemsa and gram would
>acceptable as well, but, I can find no reference for the Goodpasture's
>carbol fuchsin. I have exhausted histonet archives and my histo books
>Can anyone point me in the direction of a procedure for the
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