RE: [Histonet] CD marker in zinc fixed mouse liver

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	Subject: [Histonet] CD marker in zinc fixed mouse liver

	hello everybody.
	I am new in immunohisotology and I have trying to stain for CD4,CD8 and
	CD45R but i had problems to get good staining. I am using Pharmingen
	protocol (rat primary antibody, biotinylated goat anti rat secondary
	antibody, streptavidina-HRP). I have tried H2O2 as endogenous peroxidase
	blocking solution (3% in Metanol) but eritrocytes are still brown after DAB.
	I am blocking with white egg and skim mil, for endogenous biotin.
	May one help me? May I have any good protocol?
	Thank you very much.
	Universidad del Valle
	Cali, Colombia
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