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Tammy and Greg
EDTA powder is only slightly soluble in water. I prefer to start with
disodium EDTA (that is much more soluble)and then adjust the pH to 8
with NaOH.
Can also use this in saline.
The 1.86 gms in 5 liters is a very weak solution for demineralization.
Normally we use 5% EDTA adjusted to pH 7.3.
If cost is a the determining factor then EDTA can be recovered from a
used demineralization solution - however very few do this because of the
time involved.

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Hi Tammy,
I maintain my own "personal" Histonet Archives, and I found the 
following post from 1999. Good luck.

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Stock Solution:
	1.86 gm. EDTA (same as used for decalcification)
	5.0   liters DI water

To the above solution, add 2 to 2.5 ml. 2N NaOH.
Adjust solution to pH 8.0 with 1N NaOH or 1N HCl solution.

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> Does anyone have a recipe to make EDTA buffer at a pH of 8.0.  I would

> like to make our own in an effort to save some dollars.  I have 
> checked the archives and only have come up with one rather difficult 
> procedure. Thanks in advance....
> Tammy Barnhart, BS, HTL(ASCP)
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