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I am posting this brief survey at the request of my department manager.
Thank you in advance for your replies.
1.  How many Pathologists perform autopsies in your institution?  __5
2.  Does your institution perform Medical Examinar autopsies?     Y   N
3.  Does your institution perform hospital autopsies?  Y  N  volume___Y__
4.  What are your fees for a private autopsy?  $2,000_
5.  Does your hospital pay the Pathologist for performing hospital
cases?  N
     What is the fee?
6.  Does the Department of Pathology (professional) receive state
reimbursement for Medical 
     Examinar cases?   N/A   What is the fee?   ______
7.  Does the Pathology Department reimburse the hospital for technical
fees (diener,     supplies, histology )   N   What is the fee?______
 If you have another scenario please explain.
You may reply to the histonet or to me privately.
Martha Ward
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
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