[Histonet] coated slides

From:"Jim Ball"

I recently read an article in NSH( Maybe 3 to 4 issues back ) about a new 
type of coating a company developed for slides.  I was wondering if any one 
out there has tried this new wonder coating.  The article did not give a 
supplier,but they did furnish a number where you could get more information, 
but I do not have access to this publication at the present time, but do 
plan on checking out the NSH site to see if I can find the article, but in 
the mean time if any one has tried them please post your observations after 
using these slides. I have just recently got back into having to cut nails 
again and every coating I can think of. Nothing I have done has  prevented 
the nails from being washed off of the slides during the staing procedure. 
The tricks I have tried are listed.

Coated my own slides
Air dried sections over night at RT and 37 degrees
Used Gum Mastic
Miicro waved the slides
Elmer's Glue
Used  thinner sections to reduce the surface area the reagents could work on
Slung a dead cat over my head while chanting a Tibetan folk song

When I say all coatings I mean Salinized, Positive coated, and one other I 
canot remember the name of at the present time.

Jim Ball histo007@hotmail.com

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