[Histonet] Washed out spots

From:"Fran Lemons"

Hello fellow 'netters!
I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with some of our sections, perhaps you can give me some input.
Some of our sections, mainly the biopsies, have areas of "washed out" stain.  That is to say, there are "spots" where the tissue just didn't seem to take up the hematoxylin.  We use the Gemini Varistain autostainer, and the reagents are fresh & in order as they should be.  Our biopsies are processed on a 4 hour run separate from large pieces, and all of the reagents on the processor (VIP) are as they should be.  I even considered perhaps something in the waterbath that is getting on the sections and "blocking" the hematoxylin, such as a cleaning agent residual; but I am assured by my techs that they use Paragard on the microtomes and hot water only on the waterbaths.  Biopsies are cut before the regular run, maybe there is residual on the 'tomes?  Dunno.
Didn't mean to write a book, but I wanted to provide as much info as possible in case someone else out there is experiencing the same problems.
Any suggestions would be helpful. 
Thanks in advance,
Fran Walker
BHET Knoxville

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