[Histonet] Storing Tissue

From:Amy Janes

I wrote before because my mouse brain tissue was full of holes and I was
told I should flash freeze the tissue, which I did and it seemed to work.
However, when I used this technique I cut the tissue immediatley after
freezing. Now I am running ICC on tissue that was flash frozen and then
stored at -20C. The tissue again looks like it has tiny holes. I am
running ICC for a retrograde tracer which is supposed to label cell bodies
but instead looks like a smear of color and I cannot see individual cells.
I am double labeling for fos and I get no staining (because I think the
cells are destroyed). Any suggestions? Is there a better/safer way to
store tissue if I won't be able to cut it quickly?


Amy Janes, MA
Boston University
Department of Psychology
Molecular Neurobiology
and Behavior Laboratory

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