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Hi Sharon
Here are few points about ED1.

>Does you know if the ED1 antibody from Serotec (anti-CD68) stains all
(or at least most) macrophages or only activated macrophages?

mAb ED1 is a pan-macrophage marker in rats that recognizes majority of
macrophage populations, as well as monocytes in the peripheral blood. Its
not only for the detection of activated macrophages. But actively
fagocytosing macrophages show strong positivity. This Ab is a rat version of
anti-CD68 since it binds with an antigen homologous to human CD68 and mouse

in the brain, can you use it to distinguish between activated and
non-activated microglia?

I think ED1 cannot be used to distinguish activated from non-activated
microglia. You can read the following article for detail:

Dijkstra CD : Rat macrophage lysosomal membrane antigen recognized by mAb
ED1. Immunology 83: 140-7, 1994.

Subrata Biswas
University of Campinas
SP, Brazil

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