[Histonet] Help!! millipore and biopsy orientation

From:Melissa Jans

We currently receive all our GI biopsies and cervical biopsies oriented on millipore paper.  This millipore paper is made of nitrocellulose.  It withstands routine processing and does not effect cutting or staining.  The biopsies adhere to the millipore paper very well which allows us to maintain orientation of the biopsy throughout grossing, embedding, cutting and so forth.  (Current vendor Millipore MF disc Mixed Cellulose Esters hydrophilic 8.0 um 47 mm white plain).
Here is my problem:
We are changing the way we currently process our biopsies.  The millipore we currently use will not survive this processing and therefore we lose orientation of these biopsies.
We have tried two other types of millipore but the biopsies do not stick throughout the entire process. (Millipore Mitex disc PTFE hydophobic 5.0 um 47mm white plain and Millipore Mitex PTFE hydrophobic 10 um 47mm white plain).
I need some help here.  Are there any other institutes using millipore or something else comparable that I could give a try.  I am open to any and all suggestions.
I am particularly interested in those that use millipore in the microwave successfully.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Melissa Jans
University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 

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