[Histonet] H2O2 on CD markers

From:Amos Brooks

         I don't have any rule of thumb to go by, merely evidence that 
there is an effect. Our CD4 works best if you do the H2O2 block prior to Hi 
pH antigen retrieval (pH 10.0 vs 7.6). In fact if you forget and block 
after retrieval it may not label at all. It's worth doing some 
experimentation on.
Amos Brooks

At 12:00 PM 3/27/2004, you wrote:
>Hello everybody.
>I have a simple question: do someone know the effect, if any, of the
>different concentrations, and times, of H2O2 on the CD markers (Paraffin
>and/or frozen sections)? I have read that some people use 0.01%, others 0.1%
>and others 3% for different times, usually 10 or 30 minutes. What could
>happen if I use a longer time?
>Thank You very much.

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