[Histonet] A wonderful article on bone samples and a SAFE bone saw!

From:Gayle Callis

CAP Today, March 2004 had a delightful, informative article on handling
bone samples/calcified tissues.  The key info was a bone band saw,
relatively inexpensive at approx $810, Mar-Med Bone Band Saw, with diamond
blade, water cooled to eliminate bone dust (no aerosol!) and blade will not
amputate users fingers. Author pressed his gloved finger against the saw
blade without breaking skin! 

It is the size of a microscope, quiet, cuts very thin slices, easy to
clean, change blade, and a selection of saw blades (probably fine to
coarse) - a dream saw for clinical/veterinary labs in need of a useful,
safe instrument to obtain a sample suitable for fixation,

Mar-Med Inc, PO Box 361201, Cleveland OH 44136, 440-572-5175.  Sorry, no
website listed.

The article was filled with clever inexpensive ways/tools to hold bone
samples during slicing plus other hints on handling difficult bone samples.
  Dr. Haber, author, can be reached at slhaber@stanford.edu - he might
forward a copy of this publication IF you do not get CAP Today. 

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