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Thanks George, currently I am making my paraformaldehyde fresh I was just 
curious about other possibilities in the event that I am face with a 
situation whereby it  would be beneficial. In this life I'm learning that 
exploring all options pays off more often than not.

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>I'm not being prudish----the again, maybe I am--- when I
>mention:----with any reagent that MIGHT go bad between uses---I always
>mixed it fresh just before use.  There seems to be a lot of time spent
>questioning back and forth on the Histonet about when mixtures go
>bad----this old retired  histotech noticed about 35 years ago, that I
>was worrying and fretting about freshness and usefulness of mixtures
>that took less time to make than it did to worry about. Those reagents
>that were bonified safe pre mixed, I used. They were very few.  Most of
>my routines began with mixing stains fresh in the quantity that would
>give good results with the number of sides I had to stain. Once this
>became a habit, it was far less complicated than crossing my fingers
>about the potency of my reagents and, as a result, quality raised its
>droopy head. The habit of dragging one's feet comes upon us kind of
>sneaky-like--- from behind. Being a little bit bright about routine
>tasks saves a lot of scrapes caused by dragging your self around.
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>Yes, you're correct but, I'm not sure if I will be able to determine
>stability by visualization alone; because my 4% doesn't get cloudy after
>weeks I've just been advised that it converts to formalin after that
>of time. It is a pain to go into solution but thankfully the protocol I
>recommends heating it until it reaches 65C then adding 3.6 ml of 1N NaOH
>help dissolve the PFA. After cooling I Q.S. and dilute to 4% with
>Sorensen's Buffer. Will most definitely let you know if I get it figured
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> >
> >Sounds like an experiment about to happen!  Can you get powder into
> >solution at 20% concentration, a solubility consideration?
> >
> >I make 4% weeks (usually 500 mls) in advance per than answer I gave,
> >it a day ahead is sometimes a bother - but it is a gamble to see if it
> >stays viable.  My EM tech made up 4% PFA in a Sorenson phosphate buffer
> >he taught me the cloudy solution trick.  He kept his for weeks also,
> >you know how picky EM is -----. Interesting that I can make it up,
> >the batch I made, send one batch to a lab and keep other in my lab.
> >goes bad in a couple of weeks (lots of whining and long faces!) and
> >stays good for months.  One gal using it is sloppy and probably the
> >theirs always goes bad! Consequently, I don't volunteer to make it up
> >them too often.
> >
> >If you find out shelf life on 20%, let me know. Have fun -
> >
> >Gayle
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